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NYANANew York Association for New Americans
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In 2005, NYANA honored Sapir for his outstanding support of the NYANA mission to provide financial assistance and guidance to new immigrants.
Said Mark Handelman, President and CEO of NYANA, "We are proud to honor Mr.
Ka kuya ka kalulo ya lituto zaka za silimo se, ne ni swanela kuyo pila liviki ze silezi inge ni sebeleza "mwasilalanda" kakuya kana neni hupula kuli ni ka sebeleza mwasilalanda nyana sesi bizwa mutulo wa Windhoek, kono yomuhulu waka na pihelezi kuli ni swanela kuyo sebeleza kwa Katima Mulilo.
He was recognized for his outstanding support of the NYANA mission of providing financial assistance and guidance to new immigrants.
Dr Ottara Nyana, a world known authority on the religion, will lead the programme following the Vihara strain of Buddhism.
Nyana continues the library/information literacy theme and thus calls for a library system that is sustainable and compatible with the oral tradition centered upon a paradigm that has the ability to make information relevant to the rural populous; shifting to the U.
Nyana Segaran (Michael) Managing Director of WORLDTRADE PNT Sdn Bhd are forecasting sales of 10,000 units (approximately $1.
Message: From left, Zafar Bhatti, co-ordinator and regional additional propogation and preaching secretary, Abdul Gaffar, regional missionary, Dr Syed Ahmed, regional president and Do-Ottara Nyana, from Buddhist Peace Begoda at the launch.
NYANA s new Queens site will house the association's newly formed job placement facility.
the New York Community Investment Company, and United Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State; along with an individual recognition to Yanki Tshering, Program Coordinator for the NYANA (New York Association for New Americans, Inc.
In a letter to President Preval, Mark Handelman, NYANA Executive Vice President, noted that the premeditated and vicious attack on Mr.
They were the Rev Richard Tetlow, vicar of St John's Church, Ladywood, the Venerable Dr Ottara Nyana, spiritual director of Birmingham's Buddhist Vihara, and Mohammed Rashid, chairman of the Masjid and Madrasa Faiz-Ul Quran Mosque, in Dudley Road.