NYENNew York Ethics Network
NYENNigerian Youth Environmental Network
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Her latest publication with Koi Nyen Wong on "Malaysia's outward FDI: The effects of Market Size and Government Policy" can be found in the Journal of Policy Modeling 33(3), May 2011.
Our family, which is known as Mbari ya Wangombe, came from a village called Kihuyo in the Nyen District of central Kenya," writes a mother to her son.
The Nyinba also follow a rule of nyen (cross-cousin) marriage.
8a) Dewma lichitufimi waka ya ordenaste la vaca (8b) Eymi dewma lichituymi waka tu ya ordenaste la vaca (9a) Manuntun pu nyen ruka agradezco a los duenos de casa (9b) Manuntufin ta pu nyey ruka agradezco a los duenos de casa (10) Inche saludayen famo a Xuan nosotros saludamos asta Juan (11) Eymi komotwaymi kupay kine wentru tu miras a un hombre que viene
e whilke blys I byde at be here Nyen ordres of aungels full clere, In louyng ay-lastande at lowte me .
Frances Pridgeon had been taking elocution lessons, and she could give each "r" just the slightest trill, so that every word came out as perfectly as the telephone recording's "thrree, fourr, nyen, thrree.
OCBC Bank on Friday announced that Vincent Choo Nyen Fui will become its chief risk officer from 1 August.
The British Government even awarded the Penghulu of Pulai, Mr Tong Kong Nyen, with the British Empire Medal (BEM) at Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan State.
Examines the work of Singapore filmmaker Ho Tzu Nyen.