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NYOSNational Youth Orchestra of Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
NYOSNot Your Ordinary School (Austin, Texas)
NYOSNorth Yorkshire Open Studios (UK)
NYOSNew York Opera Society (New York, NY)
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Young bass players Owen Flanagan, nine, and Bailey Taft, 10, and violinists Tieya Davidson, 10, and Luke Barjoti, 13, are also celebrating the chance to train with the NYOS, who have always been an inspiration to those from Raploch's Big Noise kids.
Neither Anthony nor any of the locals could explain what happened at Lake Nyos. American lake expert George Kling was one of the first outsiders on the scene.
Richard Chester, NYOS director, said: "I am delighted about the return.
Lake Nyos is 1,800 meters (5,906 feet) wide, 210 m (700 ft) deep, and sits in the throat of an old volcano.
According to Williams Evans of the United States Geological Survey, and a member of the NMDP advisory committee, "Lake Monoun can be completely degassed within five to ten years, and Nyos prevented from accumulating any more gas," with existing funding.
Throughout NYOS under the skilful baton of Junichi Hirokami gave mature and well rehearsed performances culminating with a splendid realisation of Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique.
Scientists continue to monitor Lake Nyos. Some predict that Nyos will erupt again within 30 years.
Lake scientists who have studied Monoun and Nyos now say that carbon dioxide is building up in the lakes so quickly that it raises the risk of new catastrophic releases.
"We strongly suspect that the carbondioxide enters Lakes Nyos and Monoun through submerged soda [carbonated] springs,' says William C.
During their visit to Lake Nyos Jan.20-25, Sigurdsson and Evans conducted interviews, made temperature profiles, collected gas and water samples and did a bathymetric survey of the lake.
One volcanologist who has held somewhatdifferent views about the cause of the Lake Nyos cloud is Haroun Tazieff, recently retired from the Center for Weak Radioactivity Research in Gif sur Yvette, France.
In the meantime, AID and Cameroon government officials are considering strategies to prevent a recurrence of the tragedy of Lake Nyos -- and that of Lake Monoun, another Cameroon volcanic crater lake, which killed 37 people when it emitted a lethal cloud two years ago (SN:12/7/85, p.356).