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O-TownOakland, California
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O-Town set a goal of $47,500, which they reached in just 7 hours and in the end, nearly doubled that goal, proving that their loyal fan base will continue to support the group as they embark on new musical endeavors.
He hadn't done much fishing until he met me, but together we pulled many fish out of O-town waters.
She currently appearing in "Hairspray" alongside Ashley Parker Angel, an alum of a previous "Making the Band" group, O-Town (not to mention a separate reality series about his life and times, "There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel").
He was only just eligible for the competition when he got up in front of 109 other hopefuls and crooned his way into the judges' hearts with renditions of All or Nothing by O-Town and Baby Can I Hold You Tonight by Boyzone.
Bellefire will be back on the Irish stage this month when they will appear with American band O-Town in Killarney on January 23, in Cork on January 24 and Dublin on January 25.
During the festivities, General Mills attempted to set a Guinness World Record by building the world's largest human O, and entertainment was provided by (you guessed it) super group O-Town.
Britney Spears, Tiger Woods, and musical group O-Town.
O-Town, a boyband formed back in 2000, is back after a decade of hiatus with a new hot single, "Skydrive.
As a teen I loved the boyband O-Town, who were made famous by the T4 series Making the Band.
US pop flops O-Town are making a comeback - eight years after breaking up.
Laura the show's general manager, says the groundwork for the movie boost was laid earlier this year, as the usual summer tourism sales got a bump up from replacement stars including Jerry Mathers ("Leave it to Beaver"), former O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel and Alexa Vega ("Spy Kids").