O2HbOxyhemoglobin (form of hemoglobin)
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GEM Premier 4000 is the revolutionary analyzer (BG, Electrolytes, Metabolites, Glu, Lac, Hct, tHb, O2Hb, COHb, HHb, MetHb, and sO(sup 2)) with integrated CO-Oximetry that quickly allows consistent, accurate, lab-quality results throughout the hospital.
Expressed as an equation, oxygen saturation is defined as O2 Hb/[O2Hb + HHb], where O2Hb represents oxyhemoglobin and HHb represents deoxyhemoglobin.
and in laboratories, fully automated and operating with (s) cassette (s) allowing the determination of the following parameters: ph, pco2, po2, sodium, potassium, chloride, ionized calcium, glucose, lactate, hematocrit, total bilirubin ( option required) and co-oximetry (thb, o2hb, cohb, methb, hhb).
The AVOXimeter 4000 is an inexpensive, portable co-oximeter that uses state-of-the-art optical technology to measure tHb, O2Hb, MetHb, and COHb at bedside.
Cartridges arterial blood gases according to parameters (ph, pco2, po2, na +, k +, ca ++, cl-, glucose, lactate, hct, thb, o2hb, cohb, methb, hhb and bilirubin.), all parameters should be measured not calculated .