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OAAOlder Americans Act
OAAOntario Association of Architects
OAAOld Age Assistance
OAAOffice of Academic Affiliations (Department of Veterans Affairs)
OAAOutstanding Achievement Award
OAAOpen Agent Architecture
OAAObstetric Anaesthetists' Association
OAAOffice of the Administrative Assistant (US Army)
OAAOrganic Acidemia Association (Plymouth, MN)
OAAOntario Accommodation Association (Canada)
OAAOrganization of Africans in the Americas
OAAOut and About
OAAOther Adjustments Account (US Federal Tax Form 1120s)
OAAOffender Accountability Act (State of Washington, USA)
OAAOrbiter Access Arm (US NASA)
OAAOakland Activities Association (Michigan)
OAAOn Air Activation
OAAOhio Aquaculture Association
OAAOver Air Addressing
OAAOnline Access Agreement (disclaimer document)
OAAOklahoma Aquaculture Association
OAAOperational Assessment Analysis
OAAOptician's Association of America
OAAOpen Access Architecture (West Wave)
OAAOver the Air Activation Signal
OAAOperations, Activities and Actions
OAAOrder of American Ambassadors
OAAOwner Agency Agreement (commercial real estate)
OAAOffice of Academic Assessment (various schools)
OAAOffice for Academic Affairs (various schools)
OAAOpen Access Archive
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The authorization for most OAA programs expired in 2011, but the programs have continued to receive appropriations each year, including $1.
Announcing the partnership at the event, Amor al Matani, chairA[degrees] man of ORSA, said, "We are delighted to see this partnership initiated between ORSA and OAA.
Clarion is among a select group of leaders in the in-vehicle connectivity space that bring to OAA several years of experience related to designing connected in-vehicle systems with superior HMI, reliability and safety.
Because it is believed that the availability of supportive services in the community allows older adults to remain at home and transition from the NH back to the community, we hypothesize that states that invest more money in their OAA programs will have fewer residents in NHs with low-care needs.
Many practitioners simply eliminate the life insurance expense recorded on the company's books via Schedule M-1 or M-3 and enter the same amount as a nondeductible reduction of AAA or OAA on Schedule M-2.
It has been reported in literature that both conventional OvO and OAA SVMs suffer from the problem of unclassifiable region [19, 24].
Last fall, for example, OAA brought in a dozen artists who set up easels and drew or painted pictures of live models - including the Eugene Slug Queen Slugasana - and sold the work on the spot during a first Friday opening.
The OAA said its contract to train the pilots was with the GAA rather than the students and that it suspended them because it was directed to do so by GAA.
Many agencies utilize the flexibility afforded by the OAA to transfer funds among programs and use funds from multiple sources to provide services in their communities.
OAA may be defined as a procedure used in stratified sampling to allocate numbers of sample units to different strata either to maximize precision at a fixed cost or to minimize cost for a selected level of precision; precision in this sense means both closeness to a true value and repeatability over time.
CATHERINE McKINNELL, Labour MP for Newcastle North, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA
He added: "Hopefully I will be scouted by an airline during training, but is possible to be chosen by an airline before starting and some airlines which do this at OAA include, BA, Easyjet, Thompson, Thomas Cook, Flybe, Logan Air and Nets Jets - but my dream would be to work for BA.