OAAEOhio Alliance for Arts Education
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Surprisingly the OAAE Donnell letter declining the discount request, was not sent until two months after Mr.
The purpose of the OAAE is to improve arts education in schools and communities across Ohio.
For more information on the OAAE and the Arts Education Award Program, contact Donna Collins, Executive Director, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, at 614.
The Ohio Arts Education Assessment Project was developed by ODE, OAC, and OAAE in partnership to take a closer look at instructional practice, and to provide teachers with the means to be accountable for student learning.
Current paid members of the OAAE benefit from an additional savings (2- day $200/1-day $175).
My brother and I believe very strongly in organizations like OAAE who work hard to make sure that the schools continue to include arts programs.
As the OAAE continues its work, we want to be part of it," said Emmy award winning musician Michael Bacon.
OAAE Executive Director Donna Collins attended that performance and was inspired to contact The Bacon Brothers' management to gauge their interest in speaking on behalf of arts education.