OAASOrchestration as a Service (computing)
OAASOptimization as a Service
OAASOntario Association of Agricultural Societies (Canada)
OAASOkanagan Aboriginal AIDS Society (Canada)
OAASOhio Association of Adult Services (Worthington, OH)
OAASObserver Assessment of Alertness and Sedation
OAASOld Age Allowance Scheme (Bangladesh)
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In the context of Chilean regulations, two strategies are in place to manage the exploitation of algal resources, Open Access Areas (OAA) and Management and Exploitation Areas for Benthic Resources (MEABR) (Vasquez et al., 2012).
Despite this single example of success, no standardized program, process, or training packages exist for the other GHE OAAs conducted by DOD.
The TSC LOO provides a mechanism to advise and guide the planning of all TSC-related OAAs conducted by the other four LOOs and PACAF as a whole.
Some important distinguishing features of the OAAS model from several other families of circulation models are in the details of the numerical scheme [31,32,41].
Jess then went on to offer optically active additive (OAA) pigments as a possible solution for complying with IMO's inspection criteria, which can be a challenging task to undertake.
1: Establish Organ Allocation Areas for Livers - The DHHS Final Rule [should] be implemented by the establishment of Organ Allocation Areas (OAAs) for livers-each serving a population base of at least 9 million people (unless such an area would exceed the limits of acceptable cold ischemic time).
National Institute Of Education 1 Nanyang Walk, Oaas, Blk 1 Level 1 Singapore 637616 Attn: Kok Liang (Tel: 65928210 / Kokliang.Goh@Nie.Edu.Sg)
The influence of protection was associated to the management regimes operating in this region, we sampled (a) areas with restricted access for fishing (RAA), and (b) open access areas (OAAs).
Formal modification of the boundary of the core zone "; Stage 5 - providing technical assistance in conducting measurements of the geometric dimensions of the oas of 6 eb by the kozloduy npp staff; Stage 6 - processing, Analyzing and evaluating the obtained measurement data, Determining the oaz current and initial dimensions, Assessing the change in oas dimensions during the operation, Defining the free expansion parameters of the oas material and preparing the input data for execution of a specifying estimate of 6 eb; Stage 7 - defining the conditions for re-estimation to justify the oaz lifetime of 6 eb based on measured measurement results, Oaas free expansion parameters at 6 eb and plex2-6-030108-gdp-21- dca "modernization and extension of operation of unit 6 of kozloduy npp.
National Institute Of Education, 1 Nanyang Walk, Oaas Blk 1 Level 1, Singapore 637616, Attn: Lay Har (Tel: 65928203 / Layhar.Chew@Nie.Edu.Sg)
This marks the first time that GE has implemented its Outcome as a Service (OaaS) model, which is part of a 20-year agreement, in Turkey.
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