OABSOnline Academy of Biblical Studies (Dyesburg, TN)
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However, using this newly introduced Instant Rewards Point Redemption feature, any OAB customer making purchases from participating merchants can now choose to pay, completely or partially, using their accumulated OAB Reward Points.
Tap & Go payments This, however, is just one of several new features OAB has in store for its NFC enabled card products which will be launched in the near future.
Another new soon-to-launch feature is the automated redemption of OAB Card Promotions.
In this study, we showed using univariate analysis that the most significant potential risk factors associated with OABS were age (p<0.001), DM (p<0.001), hypertension (p<0.001), parity (p<0.001), education level (p=0.002), marital status (p<0.001) and obesity (p<0.001) (Table 2).
According to our results, major risk factors for OABS were DM, hypertension, obesity, marital status and low level of education in multivariate logistic regression analysis (Table 5).
There are few studies evaluating the prevalence of OABS in Turkiye.
Up to 66% of community-based adult women report lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) (1) and it has been estimated that 9-43% have overactive bladder (OAB).
In the original ICS terminology, the term OAB was combined with detrusor overactivity (DO).
(9) Patients with bladder cancer can also present with symptoms suggestive of OAB. (11) We have previously reported that 95% of men with OAB have associated urological pathology, the most common of which are benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatic obstruction.
For the secondary objectives are to investigate the associated factors for latent FC and mild to moderate OAB, wet OAB, and dry OAB.
The OABSS was developed to assess the presence and severity of OAB symptoms as a self-administered four-item questionnaire (score: 0 to 15) [17].
Logistic regression analysis was performed to calculate odds ratios (OR) for latent FC or each type of OAB. A p value less than 0.05 was accepted as significant.