OACDOregon Association of Conservation Districts (Salem, OR)
OACDOklahoma Association of Conservation Districts
OACDOffice of Academic Career Development (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
OACDOccupational Allergic Contact Dermatitis (skin care)
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In the present study, the current prevalence of CD, OCD, and OACD was found to be 18.7%, 17.0%, and 5.7%, respectively.
Determining the occupational relevance of sensitization is essential for the diagnosis of OACD. Our study indicates that nickel sulfate (32.4%), cobalt dichloride (28.4%), potassium dichromate (25.7%), epoxy resin (21.6%), colophony (18.9%), p-tert-butylphenol formaldehyde resin (17.6%), and disperse blue 106 (13.5%) are more relevant as occupational sensitizers in sewing workers and ironing workers, and colophony (28.6%), p-tert-butylphenol formaldehyde resin (28.6%), potassium dichromate (14.3%), epoxy resin (14.3%), and formaldehyde (7.1%) were found to be more relevant in managers.
The diagnosis of OACD is mainly established using a comprehensive clinical history and physical examination, as well as patch test results [14].
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first survey on OACD and causative allergens in the garment industry in China.
Clothing workers are at high risk of OACD, and this is attributed to exposure to various work materials.
OACD, occupational allergic contact dermatitis; OCD, occupational contact dermatitis.
With 1,672 pages of A-Z text for OACD and 1,597 (on lightweight paper) for AHCD, the former comes in as a thicker, heavier book.
Given these constraints, OACD has chosen to sacrifice etymologies (labeled "ORIGIN" in NOAD).
Any dictionary will miss some new items; neither AHCD or OACD, for example, has identity theft.
Here, too, OACD deliberately departs from convention--aiming, according to the preface, at "fewer meanings with sharper, crisper definitions." Perhaps this was the motive for omitting the infinitival to in its verb definitions, but by doing so OACD loses an essential signal of verbness, without which it can take a moment for the brain to sort out whether one is dealing with a verb or a noun.
Consider the politically sensitive affirmative action, defined by OACD as action favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, esp.
On the other hand, the benefits of OACD's access to a corpus--a text database of the sort that has been available to British lexicographers for some time--are exemplified in its editors' handling of recently emergent senses.