OADIOffice for the Advancement of Developing Industries (University of Alabama-Birmingham)
OADIOpen Appraisal Document Interface (file upload)
OADIObserve, Assess, Design, Implement (business model)
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Por ende, cuando la organizacion se enfrenta a una transferencia externa de conocimiento, debe optar por estrategias que permitan generar modelos mentales compartidos, obteniendo un aprendizaje organizacional efectivo, para lo cual se puede apoyar en modelos de aprendizaje como el OADI SMM (Kim, 1993).
Despues de realizar la respectiva caracterizacion de actores y tomando como referencia el Modelo OADI SMM, el proceso de apropiacion y aprendizaje organizacional desarrolla las fases de observar, evaluar, disenar e implementar.
"OADIS was born to reduce inequalities among citizens," the minister stressed.
OADIS has also received complaints about issues such as lack of accessibility to buildings and procedures, such as the appointment with the doctor.
Carcedo has highlighted how several of the demands expressed to the OADIS "have marked part of the agenda of the governments".
OADIS was launched in 2005, although until now its reports had not been presented at a public event.
The meeting was attended by Ministers Ali Hassan Khalil, Mohammed Fneish, Oadis Guidanian, Raed Khoury and Youssef Fenianos, as well as the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Fouad Fleifel.