OADROriginating Agency's Determination Required
OADROld Age Dependency Ratio (socioeconomics)
OADROn or After Data Release
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ROW is much younger than both Scotland and RUK, but the speed of change in population structure is faster in ROW and by the end of the century the gap between OADR in the UK and ROW is noticeably smaller.
The difference in labour supply between RUK and Scotland is larger than suggested by the OADR (see figure 1).
Figure 8 shows OADR for both regions for 2010-based low migration projections.
For example, if Scotland wants to reach the same OADR as RUK in 2060, it has to increase its net migration by roughly 50 per cent compared with the principal ONS migration assumption.
Moreover, the OADR disregards how, over time, rising life expectancies effectively make people of the same chronological age younger.
In recent decades, as the OADR has risen in advanced countries, the REDR has declined.
In short, the REDR tells a very different story from the OADR, with at least three important policy implications.