OADSOffice of the Associate Director for Science (US CDC)
OADSOld Adobe Developmental Services (est. 1971; Petaluma, CA)
OADSOntario Association of Dental Specialists (Canada)
OADSOptical Air Data System
OADSOptical Add/Drop Switch
OADSPan Arab Organization for Social Defence Against Crime
OADSOrbital Anvil Delivery System
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SGLT-2 inhibitors are used alone or in combination with OADs and insulin for the attainment of glycaemic targets in patients with T2DM.
Several communities like Jogi, Bagri, Oad etc exist in a large number in Pakistan and want to be represented but their issues are even not filed in police stations due to poor economic and political background.
AA* From 2013 to 2015 the sales of OADs increased rapidly from INR 278.5 crores to 570.9 crores (105% growth).
The majority of patients in the good control group were undergoing therapy only with oral anti-diabetic drugs, whereas the majority of patients in the fair and poor control groups were treated with a combination of OAD and insulin.
In the OADs group, social phobia was the most frequent primary diagnosis in males (n = 47) and panic disorder with agoraphobia in females (n = 57).
The proportion of residents receiving any antidiabetic treatment, OADs or glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists (GLP-1), insulin, and individual OADs were calculated.
More than 30% of the 819 British travellers polled by TripAdvisor reckoned that contending with the locals' driving style was the biggest challenge of motoring abr oad.
The addition of insulin to OADs may have several advantages over treatment with either combination oral therapy or insulin alone.
At the same time, the use of OADs alone increased from 45.4% to 57.4% and the use of OADs plus insulin increased from 3.1% to 10%.
There were four therapeutic regimens: diet only, insulin only, oral antidiabetic drugs (OADs) only, or OADs plus insulin.
The PLCs also feature state-of-the-art regulator circuitry which tightly controls the output voltage to [+ or -]3% while providing the low source impedance required to properly handle nonlinear electronic l oads. Available models range from 250VA to 250KVA.