OAEEOffiice of Advanced Engineering Education (University of Maryland; College Park, MD)
OAEEOrganismos Asfaliseos Eleftheron Epangelmation (Greek: Insurance Institution for the Liberal Professions)
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427,9 540,0 8,5 Total 5,136,3 6,333,1 100,0 Source: Social Budgets Table 6--Per capita health expenditure in the largest Sickness Funds 1994 & 2006 (in euro) Level of Care IKA 1994 IKA 2006 OGA (*) OGA (*) 1994 2006 Primary Health and 30 102 23 55 Out-hospital Care Hospital Care 63 160 100 240 Drugs 60 232 68 360 Other 17 56 9 25 Total 170 550 200 680 Level of Care TEVE-TAE OAEE (**) Public 1994 OPAD 2006 1994 2006 Primary Health and 20 80 82 250 Out-hospital Care Hospital Care 25 100 79 150 Drugs 30 110 78 290 Other 10 60 11 60 Total 85 350 250 550 * estimation includes NHS Health Centers ** TEVE+TAE, 200 thousand pensioners of 0AEE are covered by IKA Table 7.
These particular insurance funds (OPAD, OAEE and the funds serving the banking sector and public services, which are considered "noble funds"), for example, offer access to private hospitals and freedom to choose one's own doctor for primary care, which neither IKA nor OGA offers.
The level of expenditure per capita at OPAD (which covers civil servants), where this form of compensation is in effect, is in fact three times higher than at OAEE, where doctors are paid by capitation, and double that of IKA, whose physicians are salaried.
Half of the pensions disbursed by IKA and OAEE, which together cover 60% of a11 pensioners, are minimum pensions.
ILO, (2008b), "Greece", Actuarial projection results of the National pension schemes of OAEE as of 31 December 2005, Preliminary Technical Note to the National Actuarial Authority, Internaltional Labour Office, Geneva.
From 1999 the three main pension providers for the self-employed--TEBE (craftsmen and other professionals), TAE (retailers) and TSA (lorry drivers etc)--have been progressively integrated into a single fund, OAEE.
-- Fund for Professionals, Merchants and Craftsmen's (OAEE).
(54.) These include the social security funds for salaried workers (IKA), agricultural sector (OGA), civil servants (OPAD), entrepreneurs (OAEE) and Nautical employees.