OAEROnline Advertising Expenditure Report (Australia)
OAEROffice Application Error Reporting (Microsoft tool)
OAEROcular Ambient Exposure Ratio
OAEROreochromis Aureus Estrogen Receptor (zoology)
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This cheerful website is dedicated to finding the greatest things the world has to oaer. You can vote for everything from your favourite TV programme to watching the sun set with someone you love.
As a consequence of the crucifixion, however, the Cross can both be adorned with garments (`waedum geweoroode', line 15; `wendan waedum ond bleom', line 22), and can itself act as a garment by which people can be saved: `Ne bearf oaer bonne aenig anforht wesan | be him aer in broestum bereo beacna selest' (lines 117-18).(51) The image of clothing, taken off or put on, is another reminder of the significance of the Adam -- Christ link in the poem.
For example, (a) Old English active semantic equivalents (18) et curault eum ita ut loqueretur et uideret 7 geleicnade hine suoe p he gesproec 7 gesoeh t gesege 12.22 'and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw' ita ut turbae mirarentur sua p oreatas wundradun 15.31 'Insomuch that the multitude wondered' (b) Old English periphrastic equivalents of the Latin passive et qui maledixerit patri uel matri morte moriatur 7 seoe yfle-cuoeooes l werges deam feder l oaer moeder of deaoe sie acwelled 15.4 'and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death' misereor turbae willic milsa oreatas l ooam menigum 15.32 'I have compassion on the multitude'