OAESOklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (Oklahoma State University)
OAESOregon Agricultural Experiment Station
OAESOglethorpe Avenue Elementary School (Athens, GA)
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Otoakustik emisyonlar (OAE), gurultuye bagli isitme kaybinin neden oldugu erken koklear hasarin tespitinde onemli bir olcum yontemi olarak kabul edilmekte ve yogun gurultuye maruziyet sonucu DTH aktivitesi OAE' ler tarafindan gosterilebilmektedir (25, 26).
Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) are the sounds produced by the outer hair cells (OHCs) of the cochlea.
In Right side it is Pass/ Present in 151 people (79%) and Refer/Absent in 39 people (21%) had OAE absent, while on left side 160 people (84%) had OAE Pass/ Present and 30 people (16%) had Refer/Absent OAE, (Fig.
Screening could only recommence once an OAE machine had been borrowed from the university's audiology department, in the fourth week of screening.
Mrs Ambode further said last year, the committee donated an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the Lagos Island Maternity, while this year, COWLSO donated portable Otoread OAEs equipment to Shomolu and Alimosho General Hospitals, as well as two Transport Incubator Ambulance, to Gbagada General Hospital and Lagos Island Maternity Hospital.
In women, who have contraceptive medications compared to women who have not, the range of OAEs is smaller and the responses are weaker and similar to men [13, 20].
Talmadge, Four Counter-Arguments for Slow-Wave OAEs in 9th International Symposium, A.
Litho-, bio-and Chemostratigraphy across the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary (OAE 2) in the Vocontian Basin of southeastern France.
OAEs are closely related to the outer hair cell function.
The importance of researching the OAEs in noise exposed young adults is based on the possibility of early identification even before a noise induced hearing loss can be detected in an audiogram.
Thornton [6, 7] presented a simple estimation method for SNR improvement using m-sequence in acquisition of otoacoustic emissions (OAEs).