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OAFSOpen Administration for Schools (software)
OAFSOnizuka Air Force Station (Sunnyvale CA, USA)
OAFSOpen Access Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (surgical endoscopy)
OAFSOld Ammunition Farts Society (Australian society for retired military explosive ordnance and military explosive ordnance disposal specialists)
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A particularly skilled criminal with the right equipment might be able to produce counterfeit tags, but tagging would eliminate "99 percent of the oafs out there," according to Gary Fuller, now director of research at Basic Technologies International Corp.
He gave votes to lumpen great northern oafs who don't know what's good for them and to old folk - people with barely a dozen brain cells between them.
A reminder to us all, perhaps, that wife-abuse isn't limited to oafs on sink estates with tattoos and scary dogs.
As their parents were useless oafs, they were relying on social workers to rescue them from this sickening cruelty - but the response was pathetic.
My pregnant wife, who is just a few weeks away from giving birth, has been forced to stand on her train to work nearly every day by selfish oafs.
Die 'Werk are not everybody's cup of tea - to lovers of melody, a mesmerising monotony of Teutonic technophilia; to cloth-eared oafs, a dog-bothering bombardment of quacks and clicks - but rather wonderfully, and befitting a band that tours with nothing more than four laptops and a plug adapter, Kraftwerk have made their entire recorded output available for you to enjoy free, at kraftwerk.com.
If they did it would be a clear insult to Armed Forces whose duty obliges them to cover firefighting duties when the bunch of militant oafs called the Merseyside Fire Service decide to down tools and hang around their fire stations making a nuisance of themselves and compromise the safety of the public for their own selfish needs.
We have a sudden spate of incidents in which air stewardesses are assaulted by violent, drunken oafs and it is given a name: Air Rage.
What will happen when these politically-correct oafs are told that many Morris dancing teams have a blacked-up hangman?
This time, it's the actual fans of the show who have come under fire, with Clarkson referring to them simply as "oafs".