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OAGIOpen Applications Group, Inc.
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The group has decided to normalize manufacturing interoperability standards for process, discrete and mixed-mode manufacturing using the ISA-95 and OAGi models.
A consistent and expanded set of business object models, terminology, and transactions will be developed within the scope of the ISA-95 and OAGi standards, including generally accepted practices for discrete and process industries.
In March of this year ISA, MIMOSA, OAGi, OPC, and WBF took the next step in this convergence, announcing the creation of the Manufacturing Interoperability Guideline Working Group, whose task is to develop "an industry guideline that defines generic business process models between the operations management and business layers of the manufacturing support system." The guideline, says the ARC Advisory Group, would be useable by process, discrete, and hybrid manufacturers, and "will facilitate development of reusable integration software components for processes in the form of Web services in an open standard XML."
The Manufacturing Interoperability Guideline Working Group, according to ARC, will attack "the convergence of OAGIS, B2MML, and ISA-95.
Examples are the Core Manufacturing Simulation Data (CMSD) and the OAGIS standards.
Another standard for data interoperability is the OAGIS [88] from the Open Applications Group.
Meanwhile, PESCO notifies power shut down on March 16 due to maintenance work on 132 KV Haripur Grid station from 9 AM to 2 PM, resultantly the consumers of 132 kv Tarnawa, Haripur, Abbotabad, Mansehra, Bala Kot, Nathia Gali, Oagi, Battal, Muzzafarabad, Nosiri, Hatian, Thakot, Pattan Grid Stations will face inconvenience.
Currently, there are standards that address manufacturing data related to production operations, such as ISA-95 [24] and Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGi) [25].
[25] Open Applications Group (OAGi), Open applications group, http://www.oagi.org/dnn2/ [Accessed September 23, 2015].
The PARC has been involved with farmers for tea production and has planted tea plants on 32 acres of land in Shinkiari, 45 acres in Oagi, 32 acres in Balakot, 191 acres in Batagram while 120 farmers have been involved in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and plantation on 21 acres has been done there while in FATA plantation has been done on 28 acres of land.
With ISA-95 and OAGIS ("Open Applications Group," n.d.) two important standards for integrating applications based on service-oriented architecture are available (Gifford et al., 2006).
In the ERP and SCM areas, the Open Application Group Integration Specifications (OAGIS) [51], developed under the auspices of a number of ERP vendors, are representative of integration based on XML.