OAGSOntario Association of General Surgeons (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)
OAGSOffice of Acquisitions and Grants Services (US FDA)
OAGSOffice of Advanced Graduate Studies (now Office of Research & Graduate Studies; Florida International University)
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Most of the discussion focused on whether persons may, by virtue of their activities, be identified as "members" of OAGs, and if so, under what circumstances.
In an effort to address this concern, the ICRC was willing to differentiate between civilians who fight as members of an "organized armed group" (OAG) and those who do so only sporadically and on a more spontaneous or independent basis.
Corser was leading the second race as the Oags came out but, with the count-back rule, the race was deemed Pnished after lap 15, at which point Haga was ahead of the Australian rider.
To focus with the OAG, simply aim at a bright object, look through the camera's viewfinder, and turn the telescope's focus knob until the image seen through the viewfinder is as sharp as you can get it.
Although the computers usually automatically price the fees accordingly, the details of these charges are explained in the rules of the computer reservations systems, the Industry Agents Handbook, or in OAGs. The International Travel manual from The Travel Training Series will provide examples of fees incurred for international travel.
OAGs establish an overall prioritized system-requirement list for fleet-operator improvements that apply to each community.
In comparing OAGs and CRSs, there are several differences.
He also said the government has been making peace with the rebel army officers and forces of the Other Armed Groups (OAGs) who did not join the Juba Declaration of 2006, in order to achieve a secure and politically stable environment for the coming period.
Aircraft configurations are provided in references such as the OAGs. A sample is shown below: