OAHSOne Arm Handstand
OAHSOshkosh Area Humane Society (Oshkosh, WI)
OAHSOliver Ames High School (North Easton, MA)
OAHSOrtonville Area Health Services (Ortonville, MN)
OAHSOxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society (UK)
OAHSOsan American High School (South Korea)
OAHSOxford Area High School (Pennsylvania)
OAHSOne-and-a-Half Syndrome (neurology)
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'Oah. He only says that if you do not let me go it will stop him in his business - his ur-gent private af-fairs.' This last was a reminiscence of some talk with a Eurasian clerk in the Canal Department, but it only drew a smile, which nettled him.
'Oah, it was made by our Lord God Buddha, you know, and if you wash there you are washed away from all your sins and made as white as cotton-wool.' (Kim had heard mission-talk in his time.) 'I am his disciple, and we must find that River.
Oah yess,' said the boy, 'I have told him everything you tell me to say.'
'Oah, I know all thatt.' Kim drew his bow again at a venture.
Therefore, the authors adopted FL in this study and measured whether students' involvement is improved in a FL environment with OAHS.
Therefore, the authors designed and integrated OAHS in the implementation of FL in a blended course titled "Applied Information Technology: Office Software," and explored their effects on improving students' involvement, self-efficacy, and self-directed learning.
In that way, the researchers in this study could confirm that students really adopted OAHS and solved their problems.
In this study, the Paired-samples t-test was applied to compare students' involvement in this blended computing course in G1 (OAHS and FL), G2 (FL), and G3 (traditional teaching method).
BOHS, OAHS, and ABHS reported leaves as part of the waste generated in their schools.
At OAHS, 80% reported odors and 5% reported pest attraction while 2% reported spills and 8% reported other issues.