OAKOCObservation and Fields of fire, Avenues of approach, Key terrain, Obstacles and movement, Cover and concealment
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The other factors of OAKOC will help commanders gain a better understanding of their environment and will ultimately aid them in their ability to define what terrain is worth fighting to control.
Acronyms such as OAKOC (or a dozen other arrangements of those letters), PMESII(-PT), ASCOPE, and SWEAT-MS are utilized as tools to help address all of the variables introduced by the environment.
The MCOO visualizes all of the effects of terrain in relation to a map with respect to OAKOC.
When conducting mission analysis, use a format that he is used to hearing, such as OAKOC (observation and fields of fire, avenues of approach, key terrain, obstacles, and cover and concealment).
11) Such an analysis is comparable to the G2's evaluating the battlefield in terms of OAKOC (obstacles, avenues of approach, key terrain, observation and fields of fire, and concealment and cover).