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OAPECOrganization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
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OAPEC was left out of deciding on issues of price and the level of production as this function was - and continues to be - left to Opec.
This will diminish the individual share of natural water supply to around 667 cubic meters in 2025, according to OAPEC.
APICORP is owned by the 10 member states of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC), while AMPTC provides maritime transport services for OAPEC and its members.
Present were OAPEC secretary-general Abbas Ali Naqi and its technical affairs director Samir Elkareish.
Speaking on the sidelines of an OAPEC conference in Doha, Qatar, Allaw in late 2007 said the government was going ahead with plans for three new oil refineries.
Nonetheless, he added, as the western economies remain net energy importers, the OAPEC countries retain some leverage.
Suhaila Sa'adeh also helps him understand the workings of OAPEC's business practices, and readers get behind-the-scenes view of OAPEC and the little-known side of how Arabs conduct business.
Apicorp), an OAPEC venture shared by Syria and nine major Arab oil producing states.
The session was aimed at discussing the role of oil and gas technologies and research & development in Gulf Cooperation Council as well as the OAPEC countries towards combating the effects of Climate Change and raise resilience for Response Measures.
Qatar chairs the current session of OAPEC, where HE Dr al-Sada chairs the Ministerial Council of the organisation.
Mirza concluded his speech thanking the OAPEC, JCCP and NOGA for their great efforts in organizing the major event.