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This space has seven products adhered to the brand of "Reserves of the Spanish Biosphere", an initiative of the OAPN to support the socioeconomic fabric of these territories by encouraging the consumption of products of proximity, highlighting their qualities and promoting short marketing circuits .
The OAPN was chosen for the award in recognition of its achievement in managing the Spanish national parks system, and the development of the Man and Biosphere Programme of Unesco in Spain, in addition to its international cooperation programme in building scientific and technical knowledge, and the promotion and improvement of the management of land and resources to support sustainable development.
According to the recommendation of the International Coordination Office for the Man and the Biosphere Programme, OAPN has committed to the growth and development of the Man and the Biosphere Programme.
OAPN has yielded important results for sustainable development in biosphere reserves through mechanisms like several rural developments and sustainable tourism development funds and technical seminars, as well as its contribution to the success of the Third World Congress of Biosphere Reserves, which was held in Madrid in 2008.