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OAPSOffice of Applied Psychological Services (Psychology Department; University of Illinois at Chicago)
OAPSOlder Adult Protective Services
OAPSOrbit Adjust Propulsion System (aka Orbit Adjust Propulsion Subsystem)
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It might be a good idea to start there and give OAP's a 'break'.
But Jeremy Paxman's comments on lucky OAPs enjoying the benefits of clean water reveal how little he knows of the lives of real pensioners as he smugly peers from his ivory tower.
The findings suggest OAP income is struggling to keep pace with the rising cost of living.
Jose Carvalheiro, who is a member of the OAPS Advisory Board and the Sao Paulo Health Institute, arranged a meeting for our team--Mariana Adeodato (communication), Gilson Rabelo (web design) and Maria Guadalupe Medina (executive coordination)--with senior staff and technicians of the Observatory of Innovation and Competitiveness, which is based in the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil.
MICHELLE MCDONOUGH: Maybe they should advertise instead of calling them OAP carvery meals call them smaller size meals then the customer would have the choice as to which size they want.
Robert Markward, 49, has made a career out of tricking his way into OAPs' homes and robbing them.
On Friday, I went to watch the opens at Perry Barr where I was told by the smiling attendant that it was free for OAPs. She then asked for pounds 2.50 for a racecard.
In this work, new modified BMI resins were prepared from OAPS and dipropargyl ether of bisphenol A (DPBPA), and characterized with FTIR, DSC, DMA, TGA techniques.
We have 140 schools still with outside toilets, OAP homes are still being closed and barracks for our Army are not up to scratch.
Opening times: 10-5pm Prices: Adults pounds 4.70, OAPs free, Children (4-16) pounds 2.35.
HUNDREDS of thousands of OAPs are too ashamed to collect State hand-outs that would lift them out of poverty.