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OASCOdd Ascending
OASCOpen Access for Scholarly Content (Metropolitan Museum; New York)
OASCOregon Association of Student Councils (Salem, OR)
OASCOutdoor Adventure Social Club (Charlottesville, VA)
OASCOfficer and Aircrew Selection Centre (Royal Air Force Selection Centre)
OASCOhio Association of Student Councils
OASCOffice of Advanced Scientific Computing
OASCOrlando Area Sports Commission (Florida)
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The two memoranda of understanding were signed by Dr Khalfan bin Said Al Shaili, CEO of OASC and Vladimir Zubkov, TIACA Secretary General.
Successful candidates are asked back to OASC for a more in-depth medical.
If a move was not granted, Johnson said the OASC's board of governors would meet to discuss their next step.
Retrieved at http://www.whitehouselgov/omb/circulars/a122/a122.html 45 CFR 74 (HHS OASC 3) Retrieved at http://cfr.law.cornell.edu/cfr/cfr.php?title=45&type=part&value=74
Three hundred and thirty nine applicants (272 men, 67 women) were tested at OASC, RAF Cranwell.
Baseline samples of enlisted applicants tested under 'selection' conditions at OASC Biggin Hill.
Of the 109, 13 had not been given the EPI, 74 had been given it at OASC, and 17 had completed it at Middle Wallop; 55 had been given the 16PF at OASC and the rest at Middle Wallop.
The total number of enlisted army candidates tested at OASC Biggin Hill (BH) and Middle Wallop (MW) categorized by selection outcome and personality tests administered
The OASC groups are well below the norm on the next seven scales (I to Q2) and Q4, though the airline pilot group profile is somewhat elevated relative to the AAC applicants for scales N through Q3.
Differences between those who passed OASC Biggin Hill and those rejected for lack of aptitude.
Of the 450 men who took the 16PF either at OASC or at Middle Wallop, 233 had passed OASC for assessment by the Selection Board as pilots.
This was true both for those tested at OASC and for the combined sample of those tested at one or the other location.