OASIOld Age Survivors Insurance
OASIOld America Stores, Inc. (Howe, TX)
OASIOffice Automation Society International
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The OASI Trust Fund is projected to become depleted in 2034, the same as last year's estimate, with 77 percent of benefits payable at that time.
The Foundation, of which the Italian Ambassador and his wife are Chief Patrons, cooperates with the Italian Institute 'Associazione Oasi Maria SS Onlus', based in Troina, Sicily, which is a world renowned institution at the forefront in the diagnosis and treatment of autism and other disorders and which will offer its expertise to the Foundation and train its personnel.
Generalised additive mixed models predicting the activity (A) and movement (B) rates after capture in wild boar in the Oasi Alpe di Catenaia and Foreste Casentinesi National Park (Italy).
As the names imply, the OASI is responsible for providing a monthly benefit to retired workers and survivors of deceased workers who qualified for a benefit, while the DI provides a monthly payout to long-term disabled workers.
The OASI, APSI and MLSI were significantly higher in the FMF group than in the controls.
Since the year 2000, each employee and respective employer have paid 0.9% of the gross wage to finance the DI program while the rest of the tax, amounting to 5.3% (around 85% of the total OASDI tax rate), finances the OASI benefits, for a total of 10.6% of the payroll.
Si cerca ossessi un'oasi ma spuntano fioriere ricche di cicche e scarti (Ci si sente come ci si sente [10], B: 169-170, vv.
At all time periods of the study there was no significant association between race and OASI as measured by EAUS (Table 5).
How to book Rates for Chia Laguna for 2018 are as follows: HOTEL LAGUNA - Starting from: [euro]308,00 per person per night HB treatment HOTEL SPAZIO OASI - Starting from [euro]252,00 per person per night HB treatment HOTEL VILLAGE - Starting from [euro]166,00 per person per night HB treatment HOTEL BAIA - Starting from [euro]149,00 per person per night HB treatment Bookings can be made through Sardatur Holidays at www.sardatur-holidays.co.uk/sardinia/chia_laguna.
(2) Orthopaedic Arthroscopic Surgery International (OASI) Bioresearch Foundation, Gobbi Onlus, Milan, Italy
(3) Oasi Research Institute-IRCCS, Via Conte Ruggero 73, Troina, 94018 Enna, Italy
An unfenced, protected area (Oasi Alpe di Catenaia--OAC, 28 [km.sub.2]) is located within the study area.