OASSOne Army School System (US Army)
OASSOregon Agricultural Statistics Service (Portland, OR)
OASSO-Acetyl-Serine Sulfhydrylase
OASSOffice of Admissions and Student Services (School of Nursing; University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC)
OASSOvert Agitation Severity Scale (neuroscience)
OASSSingle-particle Spin-pairing Amplitude method
OASSOntwerp en Analyse van Software Systemen
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While OASS presents all the indicators of a TRADOC success story, USAICoE Pamphlet 350-18-1 has identified several challenges.
Coupled with this initiative is an effort to maximize the use of the OASS. In an effort to understand our regimental training enterprise, I visited the 164th Regional Training Institute (commonly referred to as the Fort Leonard Wood of the North), in Devils Lake, North Dakota.
Multiple OASs are often preinstalled or installed by users on their devices and systems.
If the OASS does not provide a balanced and equal training opportunity for students regardless of component, then reframing the landscape is needed.
The OASS is designed to improve Army readiness and also reduce cost for training of Soldiers on active duty, in the U.S.
Data were collected by the OASS by using in-house computer-aided telephone interviewing procedures.
(36) Collins concentrated his efforts on playing up ideological differences between strict nonresistance and moral suasion on the one hand, and the pronounced shift of the OASS toward open support of antislavery politics on the other.
However, referring to Figure 1, it is evident that even with tutorials, many students choose not to attend and still manage to submit their assignments to the regional learning centers, or more often now by means of WOU's Online Assignment Submission System (OASS).
(22d) ayy-amsi-ili 'May I not forget my god,' OAss, CAD M/I 400
The overall acceptance sensory scores (OASS) of irradiated raw beef were much higher than those of non-irradiated stored product.
Quantum's Optical Access Networking approach utilizes PON, an Optical Access Switch, plus the IOT to allow a single pair of fibre strands to fan out to as many as 32 businesses within a 20km radius; the IOTs and OASs are added as demand dictates.
Hace ya mas de un ano, la AMIS habia planteado el esquema como una alternativa financiera viable para mejorar la calidad de los servicios medicos, mediante una reversion de cuotas inicial en grupo y por empresa, para evolucionar, posteriormente, a la afiliacion individual en las Organizaciones Administradoras de Servicios de Salud (OASS), sugeridas por el Banco Mundial en enero de 1998, que seran equivalentes alas Afores en el caso de las pensiones.