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OATOperational Assessment Team
OATOverseas Adventure Travel (Grand Circle Travel)
OATOf All Time
OATOperating Ambient Temperature
OATOptometry Admission Test
OATOverall Test
OATOutside Air Temperature
OATObligations Assimilables du Trésor (French treasury bond)
OATOxygen Atom Transfer
OATOperational Acceptance Testing (product performance)
OATOffice for the Advancement of Telehealth
OATOrnithine Aminotransferase (deficiency)
OATOhio Achievement Tests
OATOperational Air Traffic
OATOperational Acceptance Test
OATOxford Aviation Training
OATOffice of Aerospace Technology
OATOrganic Additive Technology (car engines coolant)
OATOffice of Appropriate Technology (California)
OATOpen Access Transmission
OATOxyacetylene Torch
OATOtherwise Applicable Tariff (regulated utilities rate schedules)
OATOn Another Topic
OATOffshore Assault Team
OATOxide-Aligned Transistor
OATOptional Application Tape
OATOrbit Adjust Thruster
OATOpposite Angle Theorem
OATOrleans Arena Theatre (Orleans, MA; later, Orleans Academy Theatre)
OATOn-Air Test
OATOptimal Adaptive Transmission
OATOptically post-Amplified Transmitter (Bellcore)
OATOn Approved Terms
OATOligo-Asthéno-Tératospermie (French; male infertility disorder)
OATOffice of Applied Technology
OATOrganic Acid Type (coolant)
OATOptically Amplified Transmission (Lucent)
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For Barbara Bolton, co-founder of Go Vegan Scotland and in-house legal counsel for Go Vegan World, said the benefits of oat milk would not just be financial.
Speaking about their partnership, Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink, said: "OAT's Small Ship Adventures remind us that there is still a great deal of the world for us to admire and explore, but our connectivity solutions bring even the most remote areas within real-time reach of everyone, wherever they are, via social media video and photo uploads, phone calls, SMS texts and emails.
Plenty of hot cereals made of oats or other whole grains are unsweetened.
Intake of minerals (g/day) of Calcium and Magnesium did not vary significantly, however intake of Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Ferrous decreased with advancement in oat growth.
Founded in Cheshire in 1675, Mornflake is Britain's fourth oldest family-owned company and its millers use age-old techniques to shell, clean and gently steam every oat.
Warlock is the latest success story for our forage oat breeding program which continues to invest in developing superior varieties to assist Queensland livestock producers, Mr Furner said.
Oat milk has three times the protein of its almond-based rival and at least twice the fiber, though it's higher in carbs.
has closed acquisition of UK-based oat milling company European Oat Millers to expand global reach, the company said.
Coblentz and his colleagues planted two types of oat cultivars (an early- and a late-maturing variety) in August and put dairy heifers out to graze for 6 hours a day at two different starting dates: in late September and mid-October.
Amaranth flour contains lysine, an essential amino acid, and oats contain beta-glucan, known for lowering blood cholesterol.
Searching PubMed and Scopus, authors searched for original journal articles using the search terms "oat, oats, oatmeal, porridge, granola, or muesli and glycaemic/ glycemic index (GI)".