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OATHOpen Authentication
OATHObject Oriented Abstract Type Hierarchy
OATHOffice of Administrative Trials and Hearings (New York, NY)
OATHOntario Association of Trading Houses (Canada)
OATHOrganization of African Traditional Healers
OATHOswald and the Herringbones (band)
OATHOK, Allow slack, Take up slack, Help (underground/underwater rescue using a tending line)
References in classic literature ?
They came to a stand a short distance away and yelled taunting oaths at the boy with the chronic sneer.
I take the official oath today with no mental reservations, and with no purpose to construe the Constitution or laws by any hypercritical rules.
YOU have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the government, while I shall have the most solemn one to "preserve, protect, and defend it.
To the proposition, then, that slaves whose cases come within the terms of this clause "shall be delivered up", their oaths are unanimous.
Meanwhile the two hosts lifted up their hands and prayed saying, "Father Jove, that rulest from Ida, most glorious in power, grant that he who first brought about this war between us may die, and enter the house of Hades, while we others remain at peace and abide by our oaths.
For the perfumery I excuse you," said Don Quixote; "give it to him in reals, and I shall be satisfied; and see that you do as you have sworn; if not, by the same oath I swear to come back and hunt you out and punish you; and I shall find you though you should lie closer than a lizard.
My oath on it," said Andres, "your worship will be well advised to obey the command of that good knight- may he live a thousand years- for, as he is a valiant and just judge, by Roque, if you do not pay me, he will come back and do as he said.
My oath on it, too," said the farmer; "but as I have a strong affection for you, I want to add to the debt in order to add to the payment;" and seizing him by the arm, he tied him up again, and gave him such a flogging that he left him for dead.
He thanked Jones for offering to undertake the office, and said, "Go, go, prithee, try what canst do;" and then swore many execrable oaths that he would turn her out of doors unless she consented to the match.
Senior-most lawmaker Mahantha Thakur administered the oath to his fellow members of the Lower House.
This warning came in the back drop of stopping the MPA elect Baldev Kumar from taking oath of the KP assembly member by the law makers in the house.
But the Peshawar High Court last month ordered the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser to administer the oath of MPA to Kumar.