OATLOhio Academy of Trial Lawyers (now Ohio Association for Justice; Columbus, OH)
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At present, the renal membrane transporters have been cloned and identified [8, 9], and, among these, organic anion transporters 1 (Oatl: SLC22A6) and 3 (Oat3: SLC22A8) are the highest expression [10] on the basolateral membrane and play the primary role in organic anion clearance from blood circulation to renal tubular epithelial cells, resulting in excretion of organic anions into tubular lumen.
Unadjusted geometric mean concentrations ot urinary mercury ([micro]g/g creatinine (a) according to LAll rs33916661, OATl 4149170 and OAT3 4149182 genotypes by exposure subgroup (b), country and continent.
The Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers (OATL) and the Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys filed amicus briefs supporting the referral of jurors and other resources to private judges.