OAVSOculoauriculovertebral Spectrum
OAVSOakland Audio-Visual Service, Inc. (est. 1976; San Leandro, CA)
OAVSOzturkmen Audio Visual Services (Australia)
OAVSOrtho Anisidine Vinyl Sulfone
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With the billions spent on the electoral exercise, there has to be a better way to prevent the wastage of resources and increase the participation and turnout for the OAV. Last week, Boston-based technology company executives flew in to Washington, D.
on Monday, only three COCs were accounted for - from Isabela province and from overseas absentee voting (OAV) centers from Japan and Nigeria.
The results revealed that the wines were rich in esters; 20 esters were identified (Table 3), 9 of which contribute to the wine aroma directly or synergistically due to their relatively high OAVs (> 1).
Later on, the terminology, oculoauriculovertebral (OAV) dysplasia was coined by Gorlin et al.
GS or OAVS, first described in 1952 by Goldenhar [6], has been classified as a defect of blastogenesis, with time referred to all stages of development during the first 4 weeks of gestation.
The odor activity value (OAV) of a flavor compound (ratio between the amount in wine/sensory threshold) is an indicator of the possibility of it being the impact.
Registered overseas absentee voters (OAV) will be able to sign up for the "anti-pork barrel" initiative, said Migrante-Middle East (M-ME), an overseas Filipino group.
Muscat: With 15 more days left to register for the 2013 National Elections, as of yesterday, 564 Filipino overseas absentee voters (OAV) in Muscat have registered with the Philippines embassy to cast their votes, a senior official from the embassy said.
Essentially, the OAV of these compounds was calculated to illustrate the differences of OAVs obtained from water or juice media.
Attribute Similarity Metric (ASM): Attribute similarity between two Ontologies are measured by counting the number of Object Attribute Values (OAVs) appeared on two different Ontology belonging to same attribute value (As) or related attribute value (Ar) or totally different value (Ad).
Three oral antiviral agents (OAVs) are currently approved for the treatment of recurrent genital herpes: acyclovir, an acyclic nucleoside analog; valacyclovir, the prodrug of acyclovir; and famciclovir, the prodrug of penciclovir, another acyclic nucleoside analog.
Se presenta un recien nacido con multiples caracteristicas del espectro oculoauriculovertebral (OAVS).