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OAWOverall Width (measurement)
OAWOffice Activation Wizard
OAWOxy-Acetylene Welding
OAWOasis Advanced Wellness (Houston, TX)
OAWÖsterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (German: Austrian Academy of Sciences; Vienna, Austria)
OAWOffice of Animal Welfare (various states)
OAWOsmotically Active Water
OAWOccipital Acoustic Window
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Preservice teachers enrolled in the mechanized agriculture course during the summer of 2009 held the highest (M = 1.85; SD = .75) perception of their ability to perform OAW skills.
OAW (2012) Population Projections for Forty-Four European Countries: The Ongoing Population Ageing, [http://www.oeaw.ac.at/vid/download/ edrp_2_09.pdf] Erisim Tarihi (30.11.2012).
OAW has shown an ability to circle the wagons around the issue of OA.
While other platforms--such as more traditional span-loaders, blended-wing bodies, airships, and even conventional airlifters--certainly could be adapted to drop airlift as a bomber drops bombs and, perhaps, even offer equivalent payload and range, they likely would never equal the OAW in speed, stealth, or endurance.
The two-story OAW facility, which is 100% occupied, also houses an accredited ambulatory surgery centre with five operating rooms and 20 prep and recovery rooms.
More than 200 sites around the globe celebrated Open Access Week 2009 (OAW).
Send donations to the Yorkshire Building Society, 46-48 Commercial Street, Rothwell, Leeds, LS26 OAW, quoting the Jane Tomlinson Appeal and account number 5349471430.
Donations for the main Dunblane fund can be made at any bank, any Post Office or to PO box 12, Dunblane, FK15 OAW.
19-23 will be the first annual International Open Access Week (OAW).
DONATIONS can be sent to: The Jane Tomlinson Appeal, Yorkshire Building Society, Commercial Street, Rothwell, Leeds LS26 OAW. Sort code: 57-00-45.
Donations can also be sent to The Jane Tomlinson Appeal,Yorkshire Building Society,Commercial Street, Rothwell,Leeds LS26 OAW. Sort Code: 57-00-45.