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"Despite its oaws, among them time sequences that might be better delineated or characters who say things like 'You're totally not into this,' 'I do strange,' or, as a family condescends to enter a Dunkin' Donuts, 'I'm no anti-donutist,' this novel marks a heartwarming debut.
In general, the water-soluble (OAWS) and high-solid rosin (HRNC) no-clean fluxes performed best, along with the low-VOC emulsion flux.
The data show that x-ray defects decreased with higher preheat temperature when using water-soluble VOC (OAWS) or rosin low-VOC (LRNC) fluxes, while they increased with higher temperature when using the organic acid no-clean VOC-free fluxes (OANC).
This held true for the VOC OAWS and low-solid VOC LRNC fluxes.
High activity fluxes (OAWS and LRNC) offered ~10% better barrel fill than VOC-free no-clean fluxes on the 0.125"-thick OSP boards.
Preheat was a much more significant factor with respect to VOC-free OANC than OAWS VOC fluxes.
This appeared to be a characteristic of organic acids, where the behavior was similar, but higher solid concentration in the OAWS fluxes survived longer than that of the OANC fluxes, leading to reduced bridging.
On average, OAWS VOC fluxes exhibited less bridging than LRNC low VOC fluxes.
Higher preheat increased solder skips when using a VOC-free OANC flux, while lowering the incidence of skips with low VOC LRNC and VOC OAWS fluxes.
Higher preheat was worse for VOC-free OANC than VOC OAWS flux.
OAWS flux by its nature had zero solder balls due to washing of these boards.
Surrounded as we were by swearing northerners, I again suggested to Husb, whose St Paul's school accent didn't quite fit in with the oos, oaws and ook'ns that were being bandied around, that it would probably be advisable if he didn't say much for a while.