OAZOnes and Zeros
OAZOudst Aanwezend Zeeofficier (Dutch)
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OAZ 0 containing rich ostracod fauna between empty samples of varved clay, which is explained by redeposition of sediments; (b) PE-1 and PE-2 .
A steep recession in the Fabaeformiscandona levanderi content at the end of OAZ C2 in all sequences, coinciding with the decline in ostracod abundance in PE-1 and PE-2 (Figs 4.
Ostracod assemblage zones Depth below lake level, m OAZ Description PE-1 PE-2 PE-5 13.
For a time, the parent-part (right thing to do) will experience resistance: The child-part (pleasure seeking) addiction will keep begging the parent-part back onto path OAZ.
Metaeconomics also helps handle the cases wherein values and preferences are not uniform over time, with the individual flipping back and forth between the paths OAZ and OCZ.
It is just that the "I" is largely uninterested in the "We" along path OAZ in Figure 1.