OAZOperatives Abwehrzentrum (German: Operative Response Centre)
OAZOnes and Zeros
OAZOudst Aanwezend Zeeofficier (Dutch)
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Hata, "OAZ regulates bone morphogenetic protein signaling through Smad6 activation," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Based on the distribution of ostracod species and molluscs, nine ostracod assemblage zones (OAZ) were distinguished (Figs 4.6; Table 2).
The anomalous level in the glaciolacustrine clay of PE-2 (OAZ 0) is characterized by a high faunal diversity and ostracod content (Fig.
The interval of high abundance of ostracods in the sediment sequences of PE-1 and PE-2 starts in sandy silt deposits (OAZ B, Figs 4 and 5), although generally the high sand fraction content related to a higher sedimentation rate seems to dilute the actual microfaunal content.
reptans preferring higher water energy, has obviously occurred twice, first during the period when sandy silt accumulated in PE-2 (OAZ C1), and secondly in the middle of the lake marl interval where H.
stevensoni at the beginning of lime accumulation in PE-1 and PE-5 (OAZ C1), refers to the possible water depth shallower than 4 m (Niinemets 1999).
An exceptional interval (OAZ D) could be distinguished in the PE-2 sediment sequence where the presence of H.
Metaeconomics also helps handle the cases wherein values and preferences are not uniform over time, with the individual flipping back and forth between the paths OAZ and OCZ.
After reviewing OAZ's NetFax Manager, Auto Finance Group decided to buy the system with an additional board to accommodate three telephone lines.