OBACOmineca Beetle Action Coalition (Canada)
OBACOrganisation of Blind African Caribbeans (UK)
OBACOrganization of Black American Culture
OBACOrtho Bionomy Association of Canada
OBACOne Band for All Campaign (charity campaign)
OBACOrganization-Based Access Control
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From its base on Chicago's South Side, OBAC quickly established a national reputation as a haven for Black people involved with various types of arts and letters.
AfriCOBRA included some of the members of obac, notably painter and educator Jeff Donaldson, who drafted the group's 1970 manifesto.
"We don't share OOIDA's outright opposition to a mandate of ELDs, although we still have outstanding concerns that haven't been addressed," said Joanne Ritchie, OBAC's executive director.
It is the way things are--but not the way things will continue to be if the OBAC writers and those similarly concerned elsewhere in America have anything to say about it.
Much of OBAC's interest in bio-based materials was driven by concerns about peak oil, including potential future resin shortages and volatile prices.
For members of OBAC, both writing and the production of other media of expression was germane to the communication of the organization's specific objectives.
Several attempts have been made at establishing a national organization representing owner-operators, with the latest and so far most successful being OBAC. However, fewer than 5 percent of the O/Os in the survey were represented by an independent organization representing O/O interests.
Contrast this with the situation concerning the Ontario BioAuto Council (OBAC).
We met the brothers in Chicago, OBAC. The whole art and painting and music thing in Detroit--some of that jazz in Detroit was developed as a counter to the Motown Sound that had erupted in 1959, where all of the musicians were usurped and went into that rhythm and blues kind of thing, but there was a whole jazz counter movement around that time.
State Department said in a statement that Israel Ziv and Obac William Olawo were designated by the Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) "for being leaders of firms that supplied the Government of South Sudan with weapons and ammunition.
Such works include: Charles Alston Walking (1958), Jeff Donaldson Aunt Jemima & the Pillsbury Doughboy (1963) and Wives of Shango (1968) OBAC and The Wall of Respect (1967), Elizabeth Catlett Negro-es Bello II (1969), David Hammons Injustice Case (1970), Betye Saar The Liberation of Aunt Jemima (1972), and contemporary quilter Yvonne Wells in Being In Total Control of Herself