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OBBOberbayern (German: Upper Bavaria)
OBBOpaque Binary Blob (computing)
OBBOptus Business Broadband
OBBOne Button Backup
OBBon Board Buffering
OBBOhio Benefit Bank
OBBOriented Bounding Box (computer physics simulation collision detection)
OBBOutback Bowl (college football)
OBBOld Blue Box (Ragnarok Online Game)
OBBOffbeat Bride (book and website)
OBBOrange Book Blog (Aaron Barkoff)
OBBOpen Buy Back (securities)
OBBOpening Billboard (broadcast industry)
OBBOld Battleship (US Navy)
OBBOrganizational Buying Behavior
OBBOpen Bulletin Board (PHP forum software)
OBBOriental Body Balance (integrative medicine)
OBBOld Bike Barn (Champlain, NY motorcycle parts retailer)
OBBOblique Broad Broad (calligraphy)
OBBOdell & Booth Brothers (pottery)
OBBOriginal Bidet Bottle
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Meanwhile, OBB has leased several Vectrons for use in Tyrol and Italy.
Table 1-7 indicates the mediation impact of WSS and WSA on PI and OBB.
Nomad and OBB Postbus have implemented the solution on 232 Postbuses in Austria, and, as part of a broader strategic partnership.
The work with OBB, combined with a further framework contract secured within the past 12 months, is expected to generate revenues of more than PS100m within the next five to 10 years.
Additionally, they compared hierarchical representation based on sphere trees, AABB trees, and OBB tree.
Networking solutions provider 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq:COMS) declares on Monday that it has won a public tender to provide the OBB Group with networking technology.
AABBs are much simpler to test for intersection than OBBs, but have the disadvantage that when the model is rotated they cannot be simply rotated with it, but need to be recomputed.
My first exposure to, and experience with OBB was in 1962 at the University of Pittsburgh.
Over the last 30 years, the "self-financing" ratio of the OBB has fallen steadily from over 80 per cent to less than 50 per cent.
Nomad, which has grown consistently since its establishment in 2002, is engaged in a strategic 10-year partnership with OBB, Austria's primary rail operator.
The case concerns an appeal by the Austrian railway company OBB against a decision by rail regulators ordering it to delete from its general conditions a provision that excludes any right to compensation for delays attributable to force majeure.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-21 January 2009-mobilkom austria and OBB develop chip-based NFC solution for mobile ticketing(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.