OBDSOccupied Bed Days (hospital statistic)
OBDSOn-Board Data Systems (Mirabel, Quebec, Canada)
OBDSOesterreichischer Berufsverband Diplomierter SozialarbeiterInnen (German: Graduate Association of Austrian Professional Social Workers)
OBDSOutcome Based Delivery Systems (health care)
OBDSOptimal Breathing Development Specialist (online school curriculum)
OBDSOn-Board Decoder Simulator (NASA)
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The number of OBDs was used as the denominator to convert the indicator data into an incident rate per 1000 OBDs, and to convert the staffing hours into the number of HPRD.
For staffing and OBDs, New Zealand-specific definitions were used, and each facility received an instruction manual containing the definitions.
Laboratory experiments were also undertaken to assess the relationship between predator size and outer borehole diameter (OBD) for 3 of these prey species.
Outer borehole diameter (OBD) was also measured and used as a proxy for predator size (Kitchell et al.
Where outdoor air and return air dampers are sequenced (Figure 5) as recommended, either PBDs or OBDs may be used.
When using Direct Pressure control, relief dampers should be OBDs and sized for a pressure drop equal to 7% to 15% of the relief path total pressure drop, per Guideline 16, to provide a fairly linear control response.
Those who tune in will get a dose of this OBD's shamelessness -- the "what-can-you-possibly-do-to-me" attitude of one who not merely survives, but thrives!
This study considered how using video-elicited reflection (VER), in addition to traditional observation-based debriefing (OBD), affected the development of novice teachers working towards the goal of becoming qualified, "effective, reflective practitioners" (Loughran, 2002).
In both types of debriefings, whether VER or OBD, the novice teachers were first given an opportunity to offer their thoughts, observations, questions, or whatever might come to mind about the lesson under discussion before the debriefing continued.
The rate of MRSA bacteremia in England was higher per 1,000 OBDs than in our figures from Australia (0.17 compared to 0.10 episodes per 1,000 OBDs, respectively).