OBDVOdd Byte Data Valid
OBDVOat Blue Dwarf Marafivirus
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OBDV is a vesamicol analog having a decalin skeleton (as A ring) and a 4-(2-bromophenyl)piperidine moiety [67].
Decalinvesamicol ((-)-OIDV (13) [66], OBDV (14) [67], and OMDV (15)) [68] showed a higher affinity to VAChT than morpholinovesamicol analogs (FAMV (16) and FBMV (17)).
OIDV (13), OBDV (14), and 3'-IBVM (12) displayed higher affinity for VAChT and lower affinity for [[sigma].sub.1] and [[sigma].sub.2] than vesamicol.