OBEMone born every minute
OBEMObject-Based Equipment Model
OBEMOrganization of Business Economics Majors
OBEMOperational Battery Effectiveness Model
OBEMOn-Board Engine Model
OBEMOne Boson Exchange Models
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Sarah Louise Macauley says: "I'm not a Brummie Mummy but saw the article about the petition to ban OBEM.
with my first I was very disassociated with it all - even though she was planned and when I started to watch OBEM and how all the mums look at their newborn it struck a chord with me
OBEM wasn't entirely representative of what my labour experience was but I walked into the labour ward armed with enough forewarning to get me through.
The comparison of electric field spectra simultaneously obtained by OBEM and EFOS (Fig.
and on-board scientists on KR05-05 cruise (2006) R/V KAIREI KR05-05 Cruise Report: Recovery of EFOS-10 and OBEM.
83) For further investigation of the French Polynesian super swell, a joint seafloor seismic and EM observation, called the TIARES (Tomographic Investigation by seafloor ARray Experiment for the Society hotspot) project, was performed from February 2009 to December 2010, focusing on the Society hotspot area and its vicinity, where nine pairs of broadband ocean bottom seismometers (BBOBS) and OBEMs were collocated.