OBERSOffice of Business Economics Research Service
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'Hind de hatchway, in ferry-boat, goin' ober de Roanoke.
Niels Obers and his two doctoral students Jay Armas and Jakob Gath have now made a new breakthrough in the description of the physics of black holes based on the theories of the black branes and blackfolds,
We also expect to gain a greater understanding of the so-called particle theories, which are, for example, relevant for understanding the quark-gluon-plasma in the primordial universe," explained Niels Obers.
Ober, who noted that the entire yard was landscaped this summer to make it level for the second year of skating.
After their first season with a backyard skating rink, the Ober children and their parents are hockey converts.
CUTLINE: (1) Scott and Meg Ober's children are out on the ice behind their Worcester home every day after school.
Blackmore (1994) cites the findings of Irwin (1986) and herself (Blackmore, 1987) as generally confirming the predictions from her psychological theory of the OBE (Blackmore, 1984b), although this glosses over the failure of an appreciable number of her own and other studies to find differences in the visual imagery skills of OBErs and non-OBErs.
This is not to challenge the central premise of these theories, namely that a 'change' in body image precipitates OBEs, but rather to complement these theories by suggesting that OBErs have pre-existing differences in their body experience than non-OBErs, and that these pre-existing differences are possibly exacerbated in the moments in which an OBE occurs.
Furthermore, OBErs have been found consistently to differ on measures of dissociation and absorption, both of which are considered dissociational processes.
Ober (1930-2003), whose lifelong passion was the study of European languages and literatures and whose researches focused on aspects of translation and translation studies.
After receiving a BA in French and Spanish from the University of Arkansas, Ober served in the US Army and was assigned to study Russian at the Army Language School, Monterey.
After five years, our love affair with Obers continues.