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OBEXObject Exchange (technology)
OBEXObject Exchange
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From the outset, the award has been sponsored by Obex Medical.
Of 28 total mortalities of radio-collared deer from which obex or pharyngeal lymph samples were obtained, 1 individual was positive for CWD.
At the level of the obex, we found stained neurons in all nuclei, whereas the dorsal motor of the vagus nerve was not remarkably stained, as observed in reindeer.
Since the decussation of the pyramids cannot be determined reliably on sagittal MRI, the distance between the obex and the foramen magnum line (black triangle line) was used as an alternative distance interval in order to assess caudal brain stem displacement.
Gravis obex ad probandam exclusionem oritur ex retractatione praesumpti simulanos, quippe qui in quodam vadimonio negat quod in altero fatetur: <<In probationibus [...] retractado peculiaris depositions in ipso processu bonum indicium non est et inducit ut defectus attendibilitatis personae consideretur, nisi forte adsit vere causa gravis ut veritats occultetur aut adulteretur>> (coram Alwan, sent, diei 13 maii 2006, Reg.
The dura mater was opened and retracted exposing the Obex, whose vertex was taken as a landmark for the stereotaxic coordinates.
Zhang, "Blutooth OBEX vulnerability discovery technique based on fuzzing," Computing Engineering, vol.
The company said that its products available for Windows 8 include drivers for network connectivity over USB (NCM, ECM, EEM), drivers for serial port emulation over USB (CDC ACM, DM, OBEX, etc), drivers for development support for Android systems (ADB), drivers for mass storage devices (MSC BOT, UASP) and drivers for special-purpose USB host hardware (Synopsys DesignWare OTG, xHCI).
WPA supplicant, hostapd, BlueZ Stack, Open Obex software profiles
5 October 2010 - US-based medical technology company Medtronic Inc (NYSE: MDT) yesterday announced it will distribute Obex NeuroFilm Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier in markets outside USA in collaboration with Tissuemed, a leading company in the research, development, design and manufacture of products utilising adhesive polymer technology for medical applications.
By adding an application called obextool (obex means object exchange in Bluetooth-speak), we were able to pair our test phone and move data back and forth, but only at about 2Kbps -- much slower than under Windows XP-XP host/guest combinations we tested.