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OBGYNObstetrics and Gynecology
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PATIENT'S CLAIM: The patient sued the ObGyn and both radiologists, alleging that the unnecessary surgeries resulted in reduced fertility.
Kansas City ObGyn also features the latest innovative technology, including the internationally acclaimed daVinci[R] robotic surgical technique, a state-of-the-art option for minimally invasive procedures.
2) First, the data indicate that OBGYN participation rates increase in zip code areas with higher nonwhite populations.
PARENT'S CLAIM: The ObGyn failed to properly address the onset of labor.
Simon and Uddin's recent research analysis indicates that the percentage of nonpregnant women who visit a general ObGyn, whether alone or in combination with an internist, family physician, or general practitioner, has declined.
PARENTS' CLAIM: The ObGyn caused the injury by using excessive force during delivery.
Recruiting an ObGyn to take over your practice seems to be the best option but can prove very difficult in today's environment.
A WOMAN SAW AN OBGYN on October 2 to report menorrhagia.