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OBIAOracle Business Intelligence Applications (software)
OBIAOntario Brain Injury Association
OBIAObject-Based Image Analysis
OBIAOregon Building Industry Association
OBIAOffice of Budgets and Institutional Analysis (Colorado State University)
OBIAOffshore Biologically Important Area
OBIAOregon Background Investigators Association
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Police said they confiscated Obia's gun to verify the authenticity of his firearm license.
Wales Islamophobia managing relationships; our Muslims It's no Islamoph problem and has in Britai last two ye on Bre acti wo Britain people face exam stress; the digital naging relationour young Muse to face an rate of obia to to li k
Multiple well-known regression models were applied in this part in order to evaluate the optimal OBIA kernel.
(183) However, NMFS's OBIA designation criteria did
While working in several cities of South Asia to note the modification in land cover change with time, the Landsat images of Dhaka city from 1993 to 2015 are classified by using Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) during this piece of work: The result highlighted that due to rapid urbanization in Dhaka, the natural land surface is converting into paved surfaces.
Originating from OBIA, an approach called object-fate analysis (OFA) (Schopfer, Lang, and Albrecht 2008) can be used for characterizing the transitions of geons to defined critical stages.
Revenues for the quarter increased, year over year, by 3.2 % to $681.5 million, with operating income before amortization (OBIA) increasing by 3% on the same basis.
Encyclopedia Britannica describes it thus: Obia also spelled Obeah, in West African folklore, a gigantic animal that steals into villages and kidnaps girls on the behalf of witches.
This study presents a method for the correction of the errors which consists in the semiautomatically extraction of the main specific landforms from DEMs in an Object-based image analysis (OBIA) environment and the use of them as check-points for a visual cross-check against the digital geomorphological map.
(49) By dropping the suffix, the resulting word is "Obayi" which was linguistically and phonetically transformed into "Obeah," "Obia" and "Obi" throughout the Americas.