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OBISOcean Biogeographic Information System
OBISOnline Business Information Service
OBISOracle Business Intelligence Suite (software)
OBISOxoid Biochemical Identification System
OBISObservation Island
OBISOptimal Buffer Insertion and Sizing
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In court documents, Mutzen denied he hadn't paid, and the Obis were not included in the lawsuit even though they had signed the deal with Dean Developers.
Without getting their payment, the bills for the Obis began to stack up, as the couple had to take out mortgages for their East Flatbush home, struggled to pay their $3,000 monthly payments and cover their daughter's college tuition.
OBIS also have an Islamic Cultural Center based in Zurich comprising of two schools with 170 students enrolled for teaching young Muslims about the basic tenets of Islam and also overseeing the Quranic schools for the younger generations, he pointed out.