OBLOsama Bin Laden (international terrorism sponsor)
OBLOnline Burma/Myanmar Library
OBLOblast (Russian, province; used in postal addresses)
OBLObject Listing
OBLOpen Business License
OBLOutbound Link
OBLOil Basins Limited (Australia)
OBLOcean Bill of Lading
OBLOriginal Bill Lawrence (guitars)
OBLOhio Bankers League (combined Ohio Bankers Association and Ohio League of Financial Institutions)
OBLOld Blinking Light (Taos, NM restaurant)
OBLOutbound Link (Internet browsing)
OBLOffice of Business Liaison
OBLOpaque Bubble Layer (Laser-Assisted Stromal In-Situ Keratomileusis complication)
OBLOpen Border Lobby
OBLOrthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory (Michigan State University)
OBLOpérateur Boucle Locale (French: Local Loop Operator)
OBLOcala Business Leaders
OBLOficial Blog LaLiamos (Spanish: LaLiamos Official Blog; web design company blog)
OBLOptimum Biometric Labs (Karlskrona, Sweden)
OBLOperation Babylift (Vietnam)
OBLOne Big Love (band)
OBLOperating Budget Ledger
OBLOutput Buffer Logic (Cisco)
OBLOutside Battery Limits (scope of contract)
OBLOut Bound Learning
OBLOn Board Leader (Delta Airlines Flight Attendant in Charge)
OBLOptical Break Lock (missiles, object being observed or tracked leaves the field-of-view of the tracking system)
OBLOregon BRDF Library
OBLOrthodoxy Beyond Limits
OBLOwn Brand Labeler
OBLOrange Ball League
OBLOntario Boating League (Penetanguishene, ON, Canada)
OBLOrigin Bill of Lading
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Al-Qaeda continued its mission of the leading terrorist organization of the world, but after the assassination of OBL in May 2011, Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri, its new leader failed to maintain cohesion in the organization, resulting in popping-up of the most violent terrorist organization of history, named as IS (Daesh).
Abbreviations: ABS Absolutive ACC Accusative ADJ Adjective ADV Adverb AG Agent ART Article AUX Auxiliary BASQ Basque BG Bulgarian CONC Concord CAUS Causative pseudomodal auxiliary CA Cognitive alignment DAN Danish DAT Dative EN English ERG Ergative EXP Experiencer F Feminine FOC Focus GEO Georgian HU Hungarian INF Infinitive INFL Inflectional INS Instrumental IT Italian LEX distict lexical base LITH Lithuanian LOC Local M Masculine N Noun NA Non-Agent NOM Nominative OBL Oblique PA Patient PG Portuguese PL Plural PLRPC Pluripersonal concord PREP Preposition PRON Pronoun PRS Present PST Past PTCP Participle REFL Reflexive SG Singular SP Specifier SK Slovak SP Spanish SW Swedish TH Theme V Verb
The Raymond Davis fiasco, the covert but successful elimination of OBL by U.
This indicates that Al-Qaeda is facing a strange challenge for the first time: a formal branch with belief in WahabiSalafi ideology claiming to be true representative of OBL.
Jason Burke described AQ as a loose network of networks and he asserted that OBL along with dozen or so aides and with a hundred or so personnel who were loyal to him may be termed as "al-Qaeda hardcore" rather than an organization at its inception in late 1980s.
On the occasion, Zahid Sarfraz cited pages 77, 78 of ACR on website, that following the operation against OBL, Col (Retd) Saeed Iqbal sold of his entire property and vanished from Pakistan.
To crown it all, the OBL house was enumerated in a house survey with the comment that it was be- chiragh i.
He accused Pakistan of continuing to give safe havens and sanctuaries to all the current top leadership of the Taliban and Al Qaeda just like it allegedly did with OBL.
Wetland indicator codes follow the US Army Corps of Engineers (2012) and USDA, NRCS (2012) with the following designations and definitions: OBL (obligate wetland), almost always a hydrophyte, rarely in uplands; FACW (facultative wetland), usually occur as a hydrophyte but occasionally found in uplands; FAC (facultative), commonly occur as either a hydrophyte or non-hydrophyte; FACU (facultative upland), occasionally a hydrophyte but usually in uplands.
com is to illustrate the diverse testing services we provide while also keeping our customers and friends throughout the armor testing community informed of what's new at OBL,” stated John Harvey, General Manager for the company.
After the helicopter assault in Abbottabad to get OBL on 02 May, when Lt Gen Pasha told Panetta to disclose the details of CIA network and to withdraw the undesirable elements or else ISI would be constrained to stop sharing intelligence with CIA, he curtly retorted that CIA had attained self sufficiency and could do without ISI's cooperation.
authorities must have thought of the political fallout of their action, and likely impact on its relations with Pakistan, and probable cost of doing it alone before executing the plan of killing OBL in Abbottabad.