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OBLOsama Bin Laden (international terrorism sponsor)
OBLOnline Burma/Myanmar Library
OBLOblast (Russian, province; used in postal addresses)
OBLOutbound Link
OBLOpen Business License
OBLObject Listing
OBLOil Basins Limited (Australia)
OBLOcean Bill of Lading
OBLOriginal Bill Lawrence (guitars)
OBLOhio Bankers League (combined Ohio Bankers Association and Ohio League of Financial Institutions)
OBLOld Blinking Light (Taos, NM restaurant)
OBLOutbound Link (Internet browsing)
OBLOffice of Business Liaison
OBLOpaque Bubble Layer (Laser-Assisted Stromal In-Situ Keratomileusis complication)
OBLOpen Border Lobby
OBLOrthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory (Michigan State University)
OBLOpérateur Boucle Locale (French: Local Loop Operator)
OBLOcala Business Leaders
OBLOficial Blog LaLiamos (Spanish: LaLiamos Official Blog; web design company blog)
OBLOptimum Biometric Labs (Karlskrona, Sweden)
OBLOperation Babylift (Vietnam)
OBLOne Big Love (band)
OBLOperating Budget Ledger
OBLOutput Buffer Logic (Cisco)
OBLOutside Battery Limits (scope of contract)
OBLOut Bound Learning
OBLOptical Break Lock (missiles, object being observed or tracked leaves the field-of-view of the tracking system)
OBLOn Board Leader (Delta Airlines Flight Attendant in Charge)
OBLOrthodoxy Beyond Limits
OBLOregon BRDF Library
OBLOwn Brand Labeler
OBLOntario Boating League (Penetanguishene, ON, Canada)
OBLOrange Ball League
OBLOrigin Bill of Lading
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Life-of-mine deliveries of refined silver to OBL under the amended Silver Purchase Agreement are expected to total over 13.9 million ounces, with annual deliveries during the first five years following commissioning of the Expansion expected to average approximately 1.2 million ounces of refined silver per year.
Pakistani leaders had immediately after the raid acknowledged that they had provided leads about OBL whereabouts to the CIA, but later denied any cooperation because of public outcry over violation of Pakistan's sovereignty by US Navy Seals landing in Abbottabad and eliminating the Al Qaeda leader, who had been on the run for years.
We acquired leading Russian pharmaceutical company OBL Pharm as part of a consortium of investors, and are currently working to merge it with our existing asset, Binnopharm, under the brand name Alium.
He informed that the OBL is practiced at global level to ensure the quality of education in institutes of higher learning.
OBL is being practiced at a global level to ensure the quality of education institute of higher learning.
Pakistan always denied complicity and even the Obama administration stated categorically that Islamabad neither harboured nor was aware of OBL's presence in Abbottabad.
New Delhi [India], Mar 15 ( ANI ): Ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturing company, Orient Bell Limited (OBL) announced the appointment of Aditya Gupta as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective March 6, 2018.
OBL moved his base of operations to Sudan, where he forged links with militants across the Middle East and North Africa who played a role in numerous terrorist attacks, including the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Centre.
Opening the collection, Richard Jackson argues that media coverage of OBL's death is an essentially meaningless simulacrum that seems real, at first, but reveals itself as symbolic imitation of a meaningful event, one that made little or no difference in strategic or material terms.
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As per the MoU, OBL gold and platinum credit cardholders can benefit from a 30 percent discount on rack room rent, 20 percent discount on Spa tariff and exclusive benefits at DuSai Resort, Maulvibazar.
Indeed, the ISI made important friends with the Afghan Mujahedin and the Al-Qaeda, which took its roots then, having been established by Osama bin Laden (OBL) to combat the Soviets.