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OBLAOnset of Blood Lactate Accumulation
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Specifically, the addition of a short-term, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program performed for 3 to 6 weeks is able to promote significant improvements in RE, PTS, and OBLA in trained participants (5,12-16).
The aim o the study was to investigate the glycemic and lactacidemic responses in corridors in order to verify the existence of a correlation between the rate corresponding to OBLA and the glycemic threshold obtained by a progressive treadmill test.
PEAK] and OBLA with the running time only for RS2 support this latter statement, thus indicating that when a rescue is performed after another prior rescue the lower running times were achieved by the participants with the higher aerobic fitness.
However, no studies have investigated the effects of an exercise program performed at OBLA intensity on overweight adolescents.
2] and HR at the OBLA and VT point were found to be significantly lower (p = 0.
Sugere-se mais estudos sobre limiar anaerobico na modalidade futsal utilizando tambem metodos nao invasivos e utilizando concentracoes fixas de lactato como OPLA ou OBLA, pois este assunto ainda gera muitas discussoes uma vez que ainda ha falta de consenso na definicao do limiar anaerobico e das diferentes maneiras de detectar a intensidade de exercicio a ele associada.
Based on the determination of OBLA, on different days, three to five submaximal tests were performed to determine the speed at maximal lactate steady state using both a continuous ([vMLSS.
1] increase in blood lactate (Coyle, 1999) and OBLA (Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation) as a measured 4 mmol x [L.
peak], LT, OBLA, economy and gross and delta efficiency).
On average, subjects reached OBLA during stage 4 of the graded exercise test and at a corresponding V[O.