OBLEOn-Board Loose Equipment (USAF)
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Jacqueline Oble in the evaluation undertake by the Chambre de Notaires, an association of lawyers specializing in corporate and property law.
When we do our best work, we can offer the best service to our countrymen, which is after all, what Oble is known to symbolize,' he said.
If he considers Anders as No.1 it is not a pr b ob ob oble le lem for me a d nd I only want to problem for me and I only want to maintain my challenge for the position.
For people looking for the Oblation, Oble is still part of the brand identity system.
whack she spent wlashed out poming and oble in receipts ibshow.
There is an urban legend in the University of the Philippines that if you have a picture taken with Oble (the Oblation), you will not graduate on time.
key win The Valley of the Kings where, for a period of nearly 00 years from the 16th to 11th century BC, rock-cut mbs were excavated for the pharaohs and powerful obles of the New Kingdom, is in the rundown too.
For a description of the 'casting oute of obles & Wafers' on this occasion see Johnston and Rogerson, eds, REED: York, 1.149, 11 33-7.
MELISA N OBLES, THE POLITICS OF O FFICIAL APOLOGIES 160 (2008) (referencing Kwasniewski's apology).
Since Hypsiglena is thought to have arisen within a neotropical clade of snakes (see Rodriguez-R obles et al.
When the three-year-old Prince Edward visited Coventry in 1474 "at the Crosse in the Croschepyng were iij prophettes standyng at the Crosse Seynsyng and vpon the Crosse a boven were Childer of Issarell syngyng and castyng out Where obles [cakes] & ffloures and iiij pypes rennying wyne."(49) Again the second station is recalled: in the liturgy the boys are titled "pueri Hebraeorum," in the royal entry, "Childer of Issarell." Henry VII's 1486 visit to York provides a parish-centered, processional analogue: "& then the generali procession of al the parisshe Chirches of the saide Citie with merveolous great nombr of men women And Childern on foote whiche in ReIoysing of his commyng Criden king henry king henry And saide our lorde preserue that swete And welefauerde face."(50)