OBLEOn-Board Loose Equipment (USAF)
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North of the bridge, at the crossroads of Ousegate with Coney Street, a 'shew' will shower the royal party with 'hailestones to be made by craftes of cumfettes'--precipitate pastries, which the herald reveals to be simply the 'casting oute of obles and wafers' from building galleries that lined the streets.
Since Hypsiglena is thought to have arisen within a neotropical clade of snakes (see Rodriguez-R obles et al.
When the three-year-old Prince Edward visited Coventry in 1474 "at the Crosse in the Croschepyng were iij prophettes standyng at the Crosse Seynsyng and vpon the Crosse a boven were Childer of Issarell syngyng and castyng out Where obles [cakes] & ffloures and iiij pypes rennying wyne.