OBLIOxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (British Army)
OBLIOn-Board Load Indicator
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Wrist joint (W): abduction (AA) and flexion (FE), elbow joint (E): flexion (FE) and internal rotation-pronation (IE), shoulder joint (Sh): flexion (FE), internal rotation (IE) and abduction (AA), ankle joint (A): flexion (FE), knee joint (K): flexion (FE), hip joint (H): flexion (FE), internal rotation (IE) and abduction (AA), pelvis (P)--obliquity (Obli), tilt (Tilt) and rotation (Rot), and shoulder girdle (S) obliquity (Obli), tilt (Tilt) and rotation (Rot).
This was a single-blinded study that had concluded that intravenous sedation with loco-regional anaesthesia is not obli gatory to improve patient's satisfaction.
Z ya no presenta la cefalea intensa y persistente que habia presentado durante las anteriores sesiones y que la habian obli gado a consultar con un neurologo, quien decidio pedirle una resonancia magnetica por sus antecedentes de purpura trombocitopenica y el temor de que pudiese ser el preambulo de un accidente cerebro-vascular.
Much Obliged Thank you, Sarasota-based OBLI Organics, for 100 percent organic T-shirts (from $22) with "ecolecutal" messages.
OUR nanny at the time got absolutely obli terated and vomi ted all over the place.