OBNSOcean Breeze Nursery School (Swampscott, MA)
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In addition, the OBNs are appended to the sequence in a topological order so that a parent OBN is always in front of a child OBN.
Partition the task graph into CPNs, IBNs, and OBNs. Let candidate be the entry CPN.
The CPFD (Critical Path Fast Duplication) algorithm [Ahmad and Kwok 1998a] is based on partitioning the DAG into three categories: critical path nodes (CPN), in-branch nodes (IBN), and out-branch nodes (OBN).
An Out-Branch Node (OBN) is a node, which is neither a CPN nor an IBN.
The only OBN, [n.sub.5], is the last node in the CPN-Dominant sequence.
While the two protest networks do differ in their organizational forms, it is possible that Meltdown's (OBN) radical political stance prevents it from taking the connective action tactics that are available to the middle-ground Put People First (CEN).