OBOGSOn-Board Oxygen Generating System
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"We've done challenge testing in the labs with aircraft equipment that shows it is nearly impossible to force anything other than oxygen through the OBOGS," Salamon said.
The aircraft also has OBOGS which means it has a self-contained capability for deployment.
The OBOGS system is one of the sensitive sections of Mirage fighters which adjusts the oxygen level of the pilot's cockpit in different altitudes.
Other changes from the PC-9 include a pressurised and enlarged cockpit, an onboard oxygen generation system (Obogs), Martin-Baker zero-zero ejection seats, a more bird-resistant canopy, single-point refuelling and an increase in wing incidence to improve the instructor's forward view.
PMA202 is developing an alternative oxygen solution for the E-2D, Advanced Hawkeye, with installation of an onboard oxygen-generating system (OBOGS), instead of LOX bottles.
We are nonetheless making progress with systems such as the CRU-123 solid-state oxygen monitor, which measures the Onboard Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS) pressure and oxygen percentage in the T-45.
I took off my mask and turned off the OBOGS system.
One often overlooks what are the implications of having one or several crew members onboard an aircraft in terms of weight, cost and volume taken away; just a few items: avionics, ejection seat, obogs, canopy, controls.
During the next flight, the pilot received dual bleed-off cautions, no ECS flow, and no OBOGS. While returning to the ship, the pilot could not transfer 2,000 pounds of fuel from the two drop tanks.
The operational pause began after T-45C instructor pilots reported they and their students had been experiencing an increasing rate of hypoxia--or oxygen deficiency--due to contamination of the aircraft's Onboard Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS).